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Around March 21, The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we see more education in the school system and the media but this education needs to be happening all year round. We need to move from images of historical racism that spring to mind – such as slavery in the United States, Apartheid in South Africa or the Holocaust in Europe – to current images of racism – what is happening on the streets of Regina with racial gang related crime, events or simply what is happening in our education, justice, media, immigration and employment systems. This includes all forms of hate activity, government policies or even equal rights in political activity. 

The Spring Free From Racism Committee believes that by bringing all cultures together in celebration and fun it is easier to recognize the creativity of our diversity. 

 In 1995, the first Spring Free From Racism Committee was formed to address the racial issues of our First Nations people, new immigrants and visible minorities. Now the committee celebrates the importance of diversity and culture. 

In 2017, the Spring Free from Racism Committee joined the Saskatchewan Association on Human Rights.  We now share bylaws and constitutions and have a new logo design that brings our two organizations together, as one.